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Civil Litigation

Insurance Disputes

Frequently the primary issue is not whether someone is legally responsible for negligence, but whether there is insurance coverage that will provide protection for the damage caused. An insurance policy is, at its core, a contract between the insurer and the policy holder. The interpretation of this contract is frequently in dispute in many different contexts.

At the Law Office of Richard G. Wendel, II we are well-versed in insurance law, whether it is in context of an automotive claim for underinsured or uninsured motorists coverage, a homeowner's claim for water damage due to sewerage backup, or a commercial claim due to wind and storm damage to a business location.

Frequently, disputes between policy holders and insurance companies are resolved through litigation known as a declaratory judgment action. In essence, a policy holder who believes he or she is entitled to a defense or coverage and indemnity protection may bring a lawsuit against his or her insurance company and ask a court to determine the legal contractual rights and obligations between the parties.

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Business, Personal and Contractual Disputes

It is likely that we will eventually be involved in some dispute or litigation whether in our personal lives or in a business context. These may include contractual disputes with a contractor working at your home or with a vendor at your place of business. It may involve a property line dispute with a neighbor or simply the need for a review of a contract you are contemplating signing. It also may involve creditor's rights, and the need to resort to legal action to collect a debt owed to you.

No matter what your issue may be – whether insurance, business, personal or contractual disputes - economic decision-making is often a primary consideration in the evaluation of your matter. We work to find cost-effective solutions for you.

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Rich - There aren't many occasions when I stop to write a letter about work someone has done for me. I wanted to take a minute to both congratulate and thank you for your outstanding work on my behalf. Being sued is a painful experience, but your professionalism and attention to detail made all the difference in my case. Your knowledge of the system and recommendations to me throughout the case were near perfect. I felt confident in your decisions and guidance, and appreciate the level of inclusion which you afforded me in the preparation of my case. Once the trial started, I quickly learned that there is a lot more to civil cases than simply dry testimony, dates, times and places. Your positive attitude and encouragement helped me stay focused throughout the proceedings. Your performance in the courtroom was animated and compelling. Honestly, by the time you made closing arguments on my behalf = I had NO doubt about the favorable outcome in the case. You came highly recommended as a trial attorney and exceeded all my expectations. I continue to give my highest recommendation to you when my clients are in need of legal assistance. Much continued success.